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Rentals: Size up customers

Rentals: Size up customers Q. How can I ensure customers get what they need?

A. One of the biggest challenges medical equipment rental businesses face is helping customers get the best equipment for their needs. It is not unusual for a customer to have a preconceived idea on the best solution for their needs prior to contacting the rental provider. 

A good example is the manual wheelchair. Far from being a “one-size-fits all” rental item, a manual wheelchair can feature numerous options. It is important to consider the exact needs of the person who will be using it when selecting a rental wheelchair. Most consumers are unaware of this.

There are four different basic types of manual wheelchairs: standard, transport, lightweight, and bariatric. Within each of these four categories are varying dimensions and features.

Few customers realize their size is an important factor to consider when renting a wheelchair. Renting the right wheelchair for a customer's size will enhance both their satisfaction and their safety.

Smaller individuals and many elderly patients can benefit from a lightweight wheelchair, designed for those who may face difficulty in maneuvering a standard wheelchair by themselves.

On the other hand, larger customers will likely find they benefit from renting a bariatric wheelchair, designed to have wider seats, greater durability, and designed to support increased weights.

Some customers may be unable to propel themselves in a standard wheelchair, and for these individuals, a transport wheelchair is of greatest benefit. With their smaller back wheels, they are easier for a caregiver or the user to


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