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ResMed launches online shop for AirMini

ResMed launches online shop for AirMini

SAN DIEGO – ResMed on March 16 began offering its AirMini CPAP and related masks and accessories to cash-paying customers through a new website

“Over 54 million Americans have sleep apnea – over 80% of whom are undiagnosed,” the company states. “Our mission is to drive awareness of the disease, plus how easy and effective today’s digitally connected home solutions are. We believe this will further normalize the condition, and increase consumer demand for diagnoses, treatment solutions and services that our HME partners provide today.” 

ResMed launched the AirMini, a small CPAP device meant for traveling, in 2017, making it available through HME providers. 

The company says HME providers will also benefit from the new website.  

“By further establishing ResMed’s own brand online – where patients are increasingly going to research health-related topics and purchase products – we’re fostering greater consumer familiarity with and trust in ResMed solutions when HMEs and other sleep clinicians prescribe and/or sell them,” the company states. 

ResMed has set up a team of sleep specialists and customer advocates to provide support to customers who buy the AirMini through the company’s website. 

“These are similar to the services many HMEs provide to help patients achieve long-term adherence, in addition to helping cover patients’ equipment purchases via payer reimbursement,” the company states. 


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