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RESNA ‘demystifies’ ATP process

RESNA ‘demystifies’ ATP process Andrea van Hook also cites ‘modest growth’ in number of certificants

ARLINGTON, Va. – RESNA has ramped up its efforts to address questions around the ATP certification and recertification processes, including hosting webinars. Andrea Van Hook, the executive director of RESNA, who hosted one such webinar in November, talked with HME News about the “health” of the ATP program in 2021 and more.

HME News: Why did RESNA need to increase its education efforts around the ATP? 

Andrea Van Hook: We literally get hundreds of calls and emails each month asking questions about ATP eligibility, the application process and recertification. We’ve been working all year on strategies, so people have the information they need. We started with emailing them tips and tricks directly, and we’ve been posting step-by-step information to our website. The webinars were the next step in demystifying the ATP. We want to improve our customer service and help them through the process. 

HME: How has 2021 been going, in terms of ATP applications and recertifications? 

Van Hook: We’re definitely pleased. We have 387 newly certified ATPs this year (as of October) and we have 770 newly certified ATPs since Jan. 1, 2020. We’ve had an increase of 60 ATPs since June. We have a total of 4,200 active ATPs (as of October). So, we’re seeing modest growth in the program. 

HME: How does that growth position RESNA and the seating and mobility industry in the face of the significant number of retirements expected among ATPs? 

Van Hook: I wouldn’t go out on a limb and say we’re out of the woods – I think the bulk of the retirements are going to increase over the next few years. But I do think the program is healthy. We didn’t have a downturn of applications during the pandemic, and we didn’t have a downturn in people sitting for exams either, even though testing centers were closed for a few months. All things considered, it’s going well. 

HME: What do you credit for the “health” of the ATP program? 

Van Hook: Well, I think we’ve, as an industry, been a lot more aware of the career pathways to becoming an ATP. We’re keeping an eye out for people who would be a good fit and encouraging them. We’ve partnered with U.S. Rehab to offer their member companies a fundamentals course. We’re all doing a lot more. 


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