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Resupply: Make it easy

Resupply: Make it easy

Q. What should I look for in a CPAP resupply order fulfillment partner?  
A. In short, specialization. A partner specializing in CPAP resupply has a keen understanding of the importance of resupply to your bottom line. They know, when it comes to order fulfillment, technology, effective inventory management and speed, accuracy and reliability matter.
A tech-savvy partner makes it easy on you and your staff. Seamless integration with your billing, patient management and e-commerce platforms are critical for easy ordering and information exchange. Real-time reporting keeps you informed and provides insight for your resupply business, allowing for efficient decision making. Detailed shipment tracking and delivery communication keeps patients engaged and informed, reducing customer service calls. Dynamic order routing ensures your order is shipped to your patients in the fastest and most convenient way.

Effective inventory management 
This reduces thousands in inventory carrying costs and helps with cash flow by allowing you to not pay for product until it is sold. And a partner with close ties to key manufacturers means consistent and optimal levels of inventory on hand, minimizing the risk of backorders. 

Speed, accuracy and reliability
Every mis-pack and mis-shipment means valuable time wasted in the short term and possible damage to your company’s reputation in the long term. Look for key performance indicators that impact your financials, such as time from order received to order shipped, orders shipped complete to orders shipped partial, accuracy rate and fill rate. A partner with a multi-fulfillment center network offers strong business continuity and disaster recovery strategies that ensure operations remain functional and orders continue to be processed. 

What matters most
Finding the right order fulfillment partner allows you to focus on what matters most: caring for your patients. Your patients suffering with OSA look to your business as the specialists. They count on you to provide the best care and products to support their therapy and, ultimately, quality of life. 
Jeremy Stolz is president of VGM Fulfillment. Reach him at


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