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Resupply Programs: Contract for expertise

Resupply Programs: Contract for expertise

Q. What are the advantages of outsourcing my compliance and resupply program?

A. As a previous HME owner and CPAP provider, we found it very challenging to consistently maintain maximum levels of patient compliance and supply orders.

Optimizing our patient outreach many times required resources beyond the scope of our operation. Thus we resorted to inconsistent patient follow-up or engagement combined with an IVR (robo-dial) system. This, ultimately, did a disservice to the patient and their provider who had referred them to us for their continuum of care.

From COVID to significant changes in reimbursement rates, challenging circumstances have required many HME owners and managers to consider alternative CPAP program management solutions. The emphasis has been on operational efficiency, while attaining superior productivity and revenue.

Outsourcing has proven to have distinct advantages to those who have chosen to contract out their CPAP compliance and resupply programs.


A good outsourcing program has been designed with the customer in mind. It is a service meant for the customer to offload a component of their operation to gain improvement and efficiency. The service can be customized to specifically fit the needs of each individual customer and their operation. The economic benefit is significant, doing the job at much lower cost and achieving much greater results.


By outsourcing your CPAP patient compliance and resupply program, you are contracting for expertise. Your service provider has the unique advantage of being a “hub of knowledge” for you, offering best practices and insights from other successful programs.

Partner in business

When outsourcing you're gaining a business partner - someone who has mutual interest in your success and benefits by helping you achieve the performance and goals that align with your business objectives.

Mark Boardman is the CEO of Sleep Coaches, experts in CPAP program management. You can reach him at [email protected]


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