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Retail product awards: MyPainAway takes top honors?

Retail product awards: MyPainAway takes top honors?

ATLANTA - Topricin BioMedical took first place with its MyPainAway Fibro Cream at the 2016 annual Innovative HME Retail Product Awards at Medtrade on Tuesday.?

An odorless, grease-less cream, MyPainAway is a soothing combination of natural biomedicines, which rapidly relieve Fibromyalgia pain while helping the body heal.?

“In terms of retail—we're new to the industry but we've worked with doctors and pharmacists forever—our entire retail process is set up to make you profitable,” said Lou Paradise, founder and formulator. “We have a robust educational forum, training programs, marketing materials, campaigns that drive people into your stores and scripted pads that go to local doctors.”?

SoClean's SoClean 2 CPAP Santizer took second place and Motivo's Motivo Tour walker came in third.?

Jim Greatorex, business development at VGM Retail Services, moderated the event, which aims to promote and recognize products that contribute to providers' bottom lines though cash sales. Of the 18 entries submitted this year, eight finalists had 3.5 minutes to make their cases to the audience before answering a question from one of the three judges. Afterward, both the judges and the audience voted to select the top three products based on market opportunity/size and product demand, innovation, price point and quality/design of retail packaging.

?Among the finalists was KT Tape, which took second place last year for its KT Recovery + Patches. This year the company was back with its newest product: The KT Flex Reinforced Adhesive Strips. Made of reinforced tape with embedded FreeFlex, the KT Flex is applied to the outside of the knee for lateral knee support.

?“We are just killing it in retail,” said Mat Pentelute, clinical sales manager for KT Tape. “A lot of products are a one time purchase, but people are coming in and buying the KT Flex on a monthly basis.”


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