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Retail sales: Offer your expertise

Retail sales: Offer your expertise

Q. What are some retail strategies to consider for 2020?

A. Stop selling “products.” Yes, I said stop selling products. Your customers can buy products from online retailers who entice them with a huge selection and rock-bottom prices.  It is tough to compete with that if all you offer is products, as well. You need to give them a reason to choose your store.

The reason they should choose your store is because of your specialty and expertise in HME products.  Sifting through a website, like Amazon, to find HME products is sort of like swimming in a city pool.  Shopping at a specialty store or website that is focused on the specific needs of patients is both unique and appreciated by patients. So, what is your specialty? What is your competitive advantage?


Some shoppers want more than just convenience or a how-to guide. They want someone to talk to. They seek and want recommendations from someone who knows what they are selling and can guide them to what they need.


Many items available online have questionable or unknown quality.  Assuming your business carefully selects items and manufacturers, this may be enough to persuade many patients to shop with you versus online.

Touch, feel, try

By having a physical store, customers can actually see, touch and try the products before they buy. This is experience is unavailable through Amazon and other online retailers.

Added services

As an industry expert, you offer many added services that are not available through online retailers, like rentals, repairs and delivery with setup.

The important thing is to focus on the products and services that are difficult or impossible for others to offer and to focus and specialize on targeted categories.

Kamal Haddad is the founder and CEO of Health Mobius LLC. Reach him at


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