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Rowheels 'wants to empower the rehab world'

Rowheels 'wants to empower the rehab world'

MADISON, Wis. - Rowheels has launched to expand its e-commerce presence beyond just its own products.

Rowheels announced recently that McKesson, Compass Health, Ki Mobility, Merits Health, Motion Composites and WHILL have all signed up to have their products sold through the online marketplace, which company officials liken to Amazon.

“We want to evolve the access of these products from the manufacturers to the end users,” said Gaurav Mishra, CEO of Rowheels. “When we did that for ourselves, it benefitted us tremendously. We want to empower the rehab world.”

Rowheels already sells its products on its own website,

The company made the decision fairly early on to go direct to consumer, frustrated by the time it took to get its products included in other online stores.

“We wanted to spread the awareness of our technology, but it was painful,” Mishra said. “We have removed all the problems, especially for international business, with understanding the sales channels and politics.”

Speaking of politics, RehabPulse minimizes any pushbacks from selling products direct to consumer.

“We are not just online geeks developing a website; we are a manufacturer and have engineering in house,” Mishra said. “We have provided our products with 100% satisfaction. If you buy a power chair from us, we are able to service it.”

Dave Jones at Merits Health says it's that support that sold the company on adding its products to the website.

“We want exposure for our products where we can get it, especially in the e-commerce space,” said Jones, executive sales director. “But it has to be up to our expectations, in terms of providing that product, even after the sale.”

RehabPulse does allows dealers to set up their own shops on its marketplace, also like Amazon.

“The dealers can set up their own portal here,” Mishra said. “If you have a license to sell, you can set up an account.”

Rowheels has additional plans for RehabPulse, including building a referral business that directs end users to certain repair centers.

“It's a mega project aimed at providing better holistic care, and providing the best deals at the best price,” Mishra said.


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