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A show issue, a Special Report and lots of bad news

A show issue, a Special Report and lots of bad news

It's that time of year when the editorial team here at HME News starts gearing up for Medtrade, Oct. 16-18 in Atlanta. See, our September issue is the pre-show issue and our October issue is the show issue/Show Daily Day 1.

To put all of this in perspective: Right now, we're already working on our August issue. That's right, the end of summer is already upon HME News when it has just begun for everyone else!

Anyway, we always run a Special Report in the show issue, so I've been hunting around for ideas. I thought this would be a good start: Find out the top 10 stories for the first six months of this year and see if there are any trends that would be worth digging into for a Special Report.

Here are the most read stories on our website from January through June 19:

FBI raids Pacific Pulmonary

Setbacks at The Scooter Store

Group of Round 2 bidders cry foul

CMS changes name of bidding game

CMS does about face on re-supply items

FDA also warns GF, Merits

Beneficiaries in Round 2 bid areas get wake-up call

Audit process 'is not working'

Apria tries to unlock value of respiratory, infusion units

Providers to Agape Medical: We're not going away

See any trends here?

What I see: With the exception of the story on Apria, none of these stories have anything to do with doing business better or taking care of patients better.

If this list were any indication, we should be doing a Special Report on the 10 worst things to happen to the industry—ever!

FBI raids, financial woes, competitive bidding (of course), FDA investigations, audits, a rogue consulting firm. All the bases are covered!

What Theresa sees: Bad things come to those who do Medicare.

Needless to say, I have to scratch that exercise as a good way to determine the subject of our Special Report.

I'm still not sure what form the Special Report will take, but I am sure it will be a little more, how do I put it, positive?

Stay tuned.


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