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Singular Sleep adds CPAP titration service

Singular Sleep adds CPAP titration service

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. - Singular Sleep, an online sleep apnea center, has launched a new program to help patients find the required pressure for their CPAP machines from their homes.

“The traditional method has been to undergo an in-lab CPAP titration study after the diagnosis of sleep apnea is made to find the most effective pressure setting for the individual,” said Dr. Joseph Krainin, president of Singular Sleep. “However, due to COVID-19, the vast majority of sleep labs are closed. We have become aware that, because of these closures, many people have been unable to start the CPAP therapy that they need.”

Instead of spending a night in a sleep lab, Singular Sleep sends an auto-titrating CPAP machine (APAP) to the patient's home that has been sterilized and outfitted with new air filters, tubing and water chambers. The patient uses the machine for a week and then returns it to Singular Sleep.

The APAP records the pressures that were needed to keep the patient's airway open during the night. Krainin reviews the data from the machine and recommends the optimal pressure setting for the patient.

In addition to finding the initial CPAP pressure, the service can be used for CPAP pressure rechecks, known as “retitrations.”


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