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Social Media: Meet them where they are

Social Media: Meet them where they are Q. How do I build relationships with influencers in a digital age?

A. Social media influencers, bloggers, online news and podcasts are the new newspapers and magazines. And while these outlets are a bit different from the traditional print publications that used to run the media world, similar tactics are needed to make sure your content has the best chance to be seen.
Over the years, we've seen a shift in the industry from PR and social media as separate tactics, to working hand in hand. When thinking about your PR strategy, it's important to include social media as a key element.
While content is king, you cannot rely on good content alone. An often overlooked, but highly necessary skill is relationship building. Investing time in building and nurturing relationships with the right reporters, editors, assistants, influencers and bloggers will create a solid foundation for your outreach efforts. Even if you have amazing content, it's unlikely to go anywhere without those relationships.
It's important to speak to influencers where they are active. Some reporters use Twitter to break news, talk about their personal lives or ask for leads. Meet them where they are.
My tips for successfully forming relationships with influencers via social media include:
4Consistent messaging: build a credible social media presence by posting regularly with quality content.
4Listen: whether it's reading their blog, Twitter feed or an article, stay in the know with what your influencers are talking about.
4Engage: Participate in relevant conversations. Retweet their content and reply with applicable messaging.
4Be relevant: there is nothing influencers dislike more than being pitched something off topic. Make sure your content is to the point, timely and in their wheelhouse.
4Be human: Influencers are like everyone else. Whether you have a shared interest in a favorite restaurant or reality TV show, use these commonalities as relationship building opportunities.
Katlyn Bourget is digital & PR specialist at Pediatric Home Service. Reach her at


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