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Social Media: Target the right consumer

Social Media: Target the right consumer Q. Should I be using social media to advertise my business?

A. In the age of social media, the way consumers engage with businesses and products has changed. Where once a disgruntled customer had to call to leave feedback, now they can simply leave a review on Facebook or send a tweet about their experience. Not only are consumers using social media, but statistics show that they are using these platforms to make healthcare decisions by reading reviews, persuasion by advertising, and asking their friends and family for recommendations.

Social media advertising allows you to not only get your content in front of consumers, but the right consumers. By advertising in this way, you have the ability to target your ads by location, demographics, behaviors, interests and more. This type of targeting ensures that you are not only sharing your products and services, but you are sharing with decision makers and helping them make their way down the sales funnel, while at the same time increasing traffic to your website and amplifying your search rankings.

In one example at Pediatric Home Service, we incorporated social media ads as an element of a campaign promoting our Infusion service. We specifically targeted parents of a certain age, with children of a certain age, who were interested in medical diagnoses that would require infusion. Not only did this get us in front of the right audience, but we were able to serve them content tailored specifically to their needs. Our ads led them back to our website where they then signed up for our newsletter, giving us another way to keep in contact with these potential customers.

If you are not using social media advertising for your business you are missing an opportunity to be reactive and communicative, while nurturing and maintaining relationships.

Katlyn Bourget is digital & PR specialist at Pediatric Home Service. Reach her at


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