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SpinKids offers ‘simpler way’

SpinKids offers ‘simpler way’

Mike SwinfordBRENTWOOD, Tenn. – Numotion has entered the next phase of its retail strategy, launching SpinKids to offer products like bath seats, wheelchairs and gait trainers for the pediatric market. 

The SpinKids website will operate as part of SpinLife, which Numotion acquired in 2021

“One of the biggest opportunities we saw with SpinLife was with pediatrics,” said Mike Swinford, CEO of Numotion. “With pediatrics, you typically put everything through the insurance process, and it’s cumbersome. It takes a really long time to go through the clinical documentation and to get an authorization. We saw that there could be a much cleaner, simpler way.” 

SpinLife offers mobility scooters, lift chairs, wheelchair ramps and power wheelchairs for the adult market. 

In addition to speeding up the order cycle, SpinKids broadens what products Numotion can offer pediatric clients. 

“Reimbursement is such that you can’t always provide the products that parents and kiddos want,” Swinford said. “This way, they can get what they want vs. what insurance will pay for. Our ATPs have been vocal about not always being able to fulfill all the needs of our pediatric clients.”  

While the SpinKids business model is built on e-commerce, it’s different than most, says Bret Barczak, as it’s supplemented by a catalog, telesales and a dedicated product team that includes ATPs.   

“They’re readily available to have those discussions about product comparisons and about fit and sizing,” said Barczak, chief marketing officer for Numotion and executive vice president of its retail division. “That’s a huge benefit.” 

Numotion is raising awareness of SpinKids in a number of ways: It has ATPs talking it up, it has invested in digital marketing to drive traffic to the website, and it has ramped up activity on social media, particularly Instagram. 

“There’s good potential for storytelling on how we’re creating mobility opportunities and a positive environment for growth for children,” Barczak said. “It’s a place to share stories and educate other families on how kids are using these products.”


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