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Sponsored content: Vayyar HOME: A 'force field' of safety

Sponsored content: Vayyar HOME: A 'force field' of safety


A common concept in science fiction is the force field, an invisible shield that protects those inside it from harm. With Vayyar Imaging's new home protection system, that sci-fi idea has become a reality.

Vayyar HOME, introduced in 2018, protects residents in their homes by detecting health and behavior irregularities like falls or accidents. Vayyar HOME works by simply placing it on the wall and then it scans the room 24/7. The sensor can distinguish between people, animals and objects, according to Yonatan Matz, Outbound Marketing Specialist for Vayyar in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is highly accurate so it knows what actions are ordinary and when a potential emergency exists. If someone does fall, Vayyar HOME immediately calls a designated caregiver.

“It can tell the difference between someone falling and tying their shoes,” says Matz. “It can detect irregular health and behavior in real-time.”  What makes it most convenient is that it works automatically, so there is no need for a user to wear a fall alert bracelet or push any buttons.

Because it uses radio wave technology rather than a camera, it can protect you even in privacy-sensitive locations like the bathroom, where falls happen most, or the bedroom while maintaining your privacy.

HME providers are a critical part of Vayyar's sales strategy in the U.S. homecare and long-term care markets. It is a retail product that complements all HME categories and fits especially well in the home modification business segment. It can also open doors for HME provider sales to long-term care facilities, says Marc McGrann, director of U.S. business development for Vayyar.

“It will definitely expand the HME provider's market and will wow customers,” he said. “It opens up facility markets like independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing. You're not selling to an individual, you are selling to an organization.”

Long-term care facilities have extensive risk management programs to guard against liability from resident falls and showcasing Vayyar HOME gives HME providers a unique and innovative full-service solution to market, McGrann said.

McGrann's role is to work closely with the HME provider sales force and he pledges to give Vayyar's full support, including product training, demonstration materials and marketing strategies. For institutional sales, Vayyar handles installation.

“I have also flown in for meetings to help them close sales,” he said.

While Vayyar is focused on introducing Vayyar HOME to the U.S. market, Matz is confident that the wall-mounted sensor will gain widespread attention and will become a preferred medium for residential fall protection inside the home.

“As baby boomers age, they want to be independent and want innovative ways to age in place,” he said. “This will only become a more popular option—it is not a fad, it is here to stay.”

To learn more about Vayyar HOME, click here.


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