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Step on a crack, fall flat on your...

Step on a crack, fall flat on your...

I was just reading my co-worker's 'Wheels in Motion' blog about clearing the sidewalks with wheelchair users in mind—after all it's not just the able-bodied who need to traverse them safely.

Her blog brought to mind a little accident I had several years ago while living in Cambridge, just outside Boston. One winter night, I was walking with a friend over extremely icy, lumpy sidewalks (and for those of you in that area, you know how uneven the sidewalks are even in summer—gives whole new meaning to the child's rhyme "step on a crack"). I slipped and fell. Hard.

A woman in a wheelchair passing by stopped to make sure I was OK (my companion was laughing too hard to be of help). I assured her I was.

Now I wonder how she, and others like her, manage to get around in the winter. It's a testament, though, to how home medical equipment can help people get out and about, and yes, even help the (supposedly) able-bodied when necessary.

Stay safe out there!

Theresa Flaherty


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