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Sunset Healthcare enters CPAP cleaning market

Sunset Healthcare enters CPAP cleaning market

CHICAGO - The new Zoey CPAP cleaning device from Sunset Healthcare Solutions is the company's first foray into manufacturing a more complicated device.

Sunset Healthcare manufactures some respiratory supplies in Chicago, but it's often viewed in the HME industry as more of a distributor.

“We're actually more of a manufacturer, so it's extremely exciting to manufacture a product like this,” said PJ Ruflin, vice president of business development. “Six years ago, it wouldn't have been possible—we weren't equipped. But we're at a stage in our company now, that we're able to do this.”

The company chose to manufacture a CPAP cleaning device in response to the growing potential of retail sales for HME providers.

“They want more good retail items,” Ruflin said. “These cleaners provide a service to the patient and help companies keep their doors open.”

Sunset Healthcare's go-to-market strategy for the increasingly crowded CPAP cleaning market includes using “activated oxygen” or ozone, what it says is a widely used and proven cleaning method; and selling the Zoey exclusively through HME providers.

“We've always been focused on providers and this product also fits into that model,” Ruflin said. 

Sunset Healthcare has also developed the Zoey with a minimalistic aesthetic, simple operation and, to help providers sell the device, premium packaging.

“These customers are coming to their stores already and the idea is, this is a device that will get their attention,” Ruflin said. “Everything we're doing from a marketing standpoint is focusing on those things.”


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