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Sunset Healthcare enters CPAP cleaning market

March 30, 2020Liz Beaulieu, Editor

CHICAGO - The new Zoey CPAP cleaning device from Sunset Healthcare Solutions is the company's first foray into manufacturing a more complicated device.Sunset Healthcare manufactures some respiratory supplies in Chicago, but it's often viewed in the HME industry as more of a distributor.“We're actually more of a manufacturer, so it's extremely exciting to manufacture a product like this,” said PJ Ruflin, vice president of business development. “Six years ago, it wouldn't have been...

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Sunset Healthcare: Meet Zoey

February 4, 2020HME News Staff

CHICAGO - Sunset Healthcare Solutions now has a stake in the CPAP cleaning market. The company announced Feb. 1 that it is now manufacturing and selling the Zoey CPAP Cleaner exclusively through the HME provider channel. “Zoey marks our investment in manufacturing and developing Sunset products for the coming generation of sleep apnea patients,” said Greg Wood, chief business development officer. “This is just the start of it.” The Zoey uses activated oxygen to clean masks,...

CPAP cleaning, Sunset Healthcare Solutions, Zoey

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Smart Talk

Respiratory solutions: Be resourceful

September 3, 2019Mike Chorney

A. There are several ways you can strengthen your business.DisplayIt's important to develop a great display plan for your products. Contact manufacturers to request free pamphlets, videos and samples to display prominently throughout the store and at checkout.Showcase your products by theme. Patient discomfort is a common concern, so consider setting up a sample table with products like CPAP pillows, mask liners and moisturizers.In a study cited by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, 40% of patients...

Mike Chorney, respiratory services, Sunset Healthcare Solutions

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Smart Talk

Respiratory Solutions: Work with caretakers

July 1, 2019Mike Chorney

A. Children are at the highest risk for serious complications from asthma. Providers can help improve quality of life for young patients by educating them on proper inhaler technique and suggesting tools to maximize treatment.A recent study in the Journal of Hospital Medicine reported that almost half of participants ages 2 to 16 used their inhalers incorrectly during treatment. Nearly 18& of patients in the group did not incorporate a spacer device.A spacer is a large tube that fits onto mouthpiece...

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Smart Talk

Respiratory Solutions: Reduce liability, rest easy

May 31, 2019Mike Chorney

A. Firebreaks are incredibly important and inexpensive devices that can save patients' lives and reduce injuries.Crucial componentHousehold fire is an important concern for home oxygen patients. Cigarette smoking is the most common cause of fires, but they can also be started by candles, gas stoves or other sources of ignition. The firebreak is a thermal fuse that stops the flow of oxygen during therapy, in the event that the downstream tubing is accidentally ignited. They are fitted to the patient's...

home oxygen equipment, Mike Chorney, Sunset Healthcare Solutions

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Sunset expands beyond respiratory

March 15, 2018HME News Staff

CHICAGO - Sunset Healthcare Solutions plans to add TENS units to its product offerings, it announced recently. The two affordable models, the TEN100 and TEN200, will launch this spring. Sunset, a manufacturer of respiratory equipment, will also add a new nebulizer and a new knee scooter to its line this spring. “This is an exciting time at Sunset,” said P.J. Ruflin, director of sales. “While we are expanding, we still have the same great value and commitment to our customers that...

Sunset Healthcare Solutions, TENS

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Business Development

Cutting overhead drives innovation in oxygen market

December 29, 2017John Andrews

Oxygen technology continues to make strides, from remote monitoring connectivity to product engineering that bolsters efficiency, durability and longevity. And while new product designs ultimately benefit the patient, they are also geared toward saving providers money in a hardscrabble reimbursement climate, manufacturers say.“The goal of technological innovation is to drive better outcomes and lower costs across the board more efficiently,” said Biola Okunola, global marketing...

Drive DeVilbiss, Inogen, Invacare, oxygen therapy, Responsive Respiratory, Sunset Healthcare Solutions

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Also Noted

Sunset Healthcare to distribute BellaMa products

June 29, 2017HME News Staff

WALNUT, Calif. - BellaMa, a manufacturer of breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories, has partnered with Sunset Healthcare Solutions to distribute its line of breast bumps to the home medical equipment market. Sunset is a manufacturer and distributor of CPAP, oxygen and other homecare products. “We have had great success adding value to the home healthcare industry through our dedication to service and providing quality medical supplies,” said Greg Wood, chief development officer for...

BellaMa, breast bumps, HOme medical equipment, Sunset Healthcare Solutions

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Business Development

Apnea awareness, technology drive sleep

May 20, 2016John Andrews

The customer base for sleep therapy is growing, thanks to greater exposure in the media and those who use mobile device technology for health management, market specialists say.Public awareness of obstructive sleep apnea has increased dramatically due to a proliferation of news reports, advertisements and even discussion of the condition on scripted TV shows. For example, an episode of “The Simpsons” shows Homer using a CPAP, as does Tony Soprano on the HBO series “The Sopranos.”“The...

3B Medical, cpap, Drive|DeVilbiss Healthcare, NovaSom, sleep therapy, Sunset Healthcare Solutions

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In brief:Brightree buys MedAct, OIG releases strategic plan

November 22, 2013HME News Staff

ATLANTA - Brightree has acquired McKinney, Texas-based MedAct, adding 330 HME providers to its customer base. “With the addition of MedAct, we are expanding our market reach to include some of the industry's most nimble HME providers,” said Dave Cormack, president and CEO of Brightree, in a release. MedAct's customers will join Brightree's more than 3,000 customers. Under the terms of the agreement, MedAct CEO Gregg Timmons joins Brightree as executive vice president, MedAct Division....

Alliqua, Brightree, complex rehab, Convaid, copd, cpap, Invacare, Liberator, Med-Care, MedAct

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