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Sunset Healthcare ‘jumps into’ wound care

Sunset Healthcare ‘jumps into’ wound care

PJ RuflinCHICAGO – Sunset Healthcare Solutions credits two partners, VGM & Associates and ZeniMedical, for its ability to seamlessly add wound care to its product portfolio, says PJ Ruflin, vice president of business development. 

Sunset Healthcare announced that it joined VGM as a vendor partner in March and then it became a distributor of ZeniMedical’s range of foam, composite, hydrocolloid, alginate and collagen dressings in June. 

“We have a great partner and a great product and when you put that together, that’s what made it click, ‘Let’s try this,’” Ruflin said. “If we didn’t have those pieces, I don’t think we would have been able to jump into it.”  

To date, Sunset Healthcare, which has warehouses here and in Phoenix, has largely manufactured and distributed disposable supplies for respiratory products like oxygen concentrators and CPAP devices. 

With ZeniMedical, which makes the ZeniFOAM, a dressing made from a polyurethane foam that adheres without sticking to wounds, Sunset Healthcare is able to offer a quality product line that it can add value to, Ruflin says. 

“One of the main things we bring to the table is an outrageously high level of customer service,” he said. “We know providers have a choice of who they can work with, so we’re there to support them and work for them. And then we work very hard to offer them the best price.” 

With VGM, which has a specific community for wound care providers, Sunset Healthcare can enhance that service with a variety of resources, including a comprehensive 18-page “Wound Care Program Guide,” Ruflin says. 

“I think for providers looking to enter the market, the billing can be a little intimidating,” he said. “VGM has a lot of resources to help with that.” 

Heather Trumm, BSN, RN, CWON, director of VGM Wound Care, says Sunset Healthcare is tapping into a growing market that has benefited from increased awareness and that has multiple synergies with other well-established product categories. 

“Even with your respiratory patient – if you’re on oxygen, you’re already behind the eight ball if you get a wound,” she said. “It’s the aging population; it’s the diabetes population; it’s the obese population. There’s a need.”


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