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SuperCare coordinates donations to India

SuperCare coordinates donations to India

DOWNEY, Calif. – SuperCare Health recently coordinated the shipment of more than 300 oxygen concentrators to India, where the health care system is buckling under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“With California being the melting pot it is, a lot of doctors here have roots in India,” said Paula Dahl, executive vice president of strategy and business development. “A couple reached out to ask if they could purchase oxygen concentrators from us.” 

SuperCare decided to not only match these donations but also ship the concentrators. 

Once word of the effort leaked out, more and more doctors donated money to buy concentrators and it turned into a much bigger number, said Dahl. 

“It was something we are fortunate to be able to do and be in the position that we can,” she said. 

SuperCare was also able to secure donations for and ship several thousand units of oxygen supplies and PPE, said Hayk Melkumyan, executive vice president of operations. 

“Our efforts are continuing while the need in India is immediate, and we’ll be sending additional equipment and supplies to support their public health response efforts," he said. 

To ship the equipment and supplies, SuperCare worked with “trusted vendors” that have offices in India and that are coordinating relief efforts on the ground for community-based organizations throughout the country, says Melkumyan. 

“They arranged the air transport for donations from multiple groups and ensured the last-mile delivery of those supplies to those hardest-hit communities," he said. 

SuperCare knows, from its own experiences caring for COVID-19 patients during surges in the U.S., the power that the equipment and supplies will yield. 

“We’ve had provider and payer partners praise us for helping them through the burden of the pandemic,” she said. “Without us, I don’t think a lot of patients would have gone home.”


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