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Survival all about 'the right volume'

Survival all about 'the right volume'

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. - To be successful in a consolidating industry, provider Kevin Druzinski says focusing on patient care and keeping an eye on the details are crucial to maintain rapid growth. 

“I learned a long time ago that if have the right volume, you'll survive,” said Druzinski, president of Motor City Medical.

That attitude has helped Druzinski adapt quickly to serving three-quarters of his state—including three Round 2 competitive bidding areas. He accepted respiratory contracts for those areas and has acquired 10 companies in the past two years to help serve those respiratory patients.

Druzinski has also subcontracted some of his patients' care to area hospitals to ensure patients get set up with equipment as quickly as possible.

“Now is not the time to be lazy,” he said. “You can't take yesterday's success as a given for tomorrow.”

Druzinski plans to grow more in 2014. The companies he acquires all have strong respiratory bases. He buys the assets and integrates them into Motor City Medical, taking the stewardship of each new patient seriously.

“They go back through the patient's files to make sure the records support medical necessity and that the patient is being adequately taken care of,” said Edward Vishnevetsky, an associate with Munsch Hardt, who has worked with Motor City throughout the acquisitions and subcontracting process.

Druzinski says attention to detail also ensures subcontracting arrangements work—including weekly meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page and that things are going smoothly for the patients.

“My people are the key to this—they do the due diligence and audit those claims,” he said. “As we grow, we continue to care about what we do: take care of patients.”


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