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Swear words, celebrities and everyday people

Swear words, celebrities and everyday people

It's not uncommon for me to be at a loss for blog ideas.

That's certainly the case this week, especially after Managing Editor Theresa used WTF in her blog (yes, I noticed) and Associate Editor Tracy cited a handful of celebrities in hers (ditto).

How can I beat that?

In all seriousness, this got me to thinking: What do you, dear reader, like reading about in blogs, anyway?

So I logged in to the ever-helpful Google Analytics to find out what our most read blogs were so far this year.

It turns out the top two blogs aren't even from the editors but guest blogs from Gary Rench and Andrea Stark. I'm not surprised: Rench really hit a nerve with his detailed and thoughtful account of what CMS's sometimes ludicrous paperwork requirements mean in everyday life to everyday people.

And Stark, whose blog reviewed top denials and reason codes, is a go-to source on all things regulatory matters.

Another of the most read blogs, this one written by me, actually stemmed from a webcast that I did with Stark. During the webcast, she detailed what regional pricing might look like under the national rollout of competitive bidding scheduled to take place Jan. 1, 2016.

As for the most read blogs from the editors, Theresa topped the list with her critique of a recent episode of Mike & Molly featuring Mike wearing a CPAP mask in bed. Guess what? No one even mentioned it! To which Theresa asked: Is the humble CPAP finally becoming mainstream?

The most read blog from me (besides the one mentioned above) was a schedule of upcoming HME News TV interviews to be published on our website.

OK, what am I gleaning from this exercise?

That you like to hear from your peers (Rench), and you like to read about denials (Rench and Stark) and competitive bidding (me and Stark).

That you like to read about how HME is perceived by Hollywood.

And that you're avid watchers of HME News TV.

Dually noted.


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