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‘Switching heads’ syndrome: CPCG wants more, not less, fragmentation 

‘Switching heads’ syndrome: CPCG wants more, not less, fragmentation 

Saleem ShahWASHINGTON – Saleem Shah officially debuted Collaborative Patient Care Group (CPCG) at Medtrade in March after developing business-to-business offshoring and custom technology development solutions for his own company, New Hampshire Medical Supply, in 2019 and offering them to other companies starting in 2023. 

CPCG’s “belief system”: To take over certain tasks so HME providers can eliminate the “switching heads” syndrome that holds them back from peak efficiency. 

"The organizational structure of a typical business lacks adequate fragmentation,” said Shah, founder. “In a standard DME organization chart, you'll find the president or owner at the top, followed by many positions and usually stops at customer service representatives. However, the division of job tasks should be more intricate. For example, customer service representatives shouldn't be burdened with simple tasks like handling faxes or forms. If we fragment those positions, we will have a visual as to what activities are below their expertise." 

CPCG’s solutions include billing, document management, data entry and RCM, but CPCG differentiates itself in many ways, Shah says. The company offers additional services like a customized analytics engine and web and graphic design, and Shah’s background includes not only owning an HME company but also being a pharmacist. 

Additionally, Shah’s ties to Pakistan differentiate CPCG. He returned there for a year to start building a team of executives and call center professionals that now totals several hundred. 

“CPCG acquired market experts from the business process offshoring industry,” he said. “Our team is coming from global businesses which are already servicing giants like, Humana, Walmart, McDonald’s, Oracle, etc.” 

While there is a perception that offshoring takes away jobs, that’s not CPCG’s intent, Shah says. 

“CPCG not only provides human capital to run simpler repetitive functions for a DME but also works with the executive team to evolve their current onshore workforce,” he said. “It is truly a win-win.” 


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