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Technology: Make it work for you

Technology: Make it work for you

Q. How can providers use technology to provide more services and, ultimately, more revenue?

A. Surviving the turbulence of COVID-19 makes thinking about new software and integration strategies impossible for even the most strategic and successful DME operators.

It is in these challenging times, however, that we have to count on technology focused innovators and problem solvers to help DME operators improve operating efficiencies and find new sources of revenue. Fortunately, great work is being done collaboratively between various solution providers and industry stakeholders. Here are just a few areas where new work is being done:

  • Seamless resupply workflow and augmented patient outreach services
  • Fully integrated remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions
  • Digital health coaching, wellness and engagement solutions
  • Integrated chronic care management (CCM) and transitional care management (TCM) solutions
  • Healthcare facility portal technology for DME equipment and infection prevention services (B2B solutions)
  • Integrated inventory management solutions (real-time RFID) for facility-based partnerships

Recent technology advancements and lower costs have allowed data to be dynamically transferred and analyzed more easily than ever before. COVID-19 has also brought a new virtualization model to a more patient-centered continuum of care, and DME operators are critical to filling the gaps that threaten effective management of this continuum. Although these are very challenging times, it is a perfect time to begin talking to and partnering with leading technology companies serving the HME industry.

A constant focus on optimizing the continuum of care will not only provide substantially improved health outcomes for families, but also maximize the success and operating profits of DME operators that are the glue in many community based health care systems.

Mark Ludwig is president and CEO of Bonafide Medical Group. Reach him at


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