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Town Hall format rules

Town Hall format rules

If there's one thing Medtrade Spring survey respondents have said they want from the educational sessions, it's the chance to participate in the proceedings. So show organizers have gladly acquiesced, inviting all conference attendees to take part in a series of seminars in the Town Hall format.

Jeff Baird, chairman of the Medtrade Education Advisory Board, says the interactive format “will keep the audience's attention and will facilitate a much better learning experience.” Most sessions will have two or more discussion leaders who will facilitate back and forth discussions among the audience and themselves.

While it is important to have accomplished consultants facilitate the programs, Baird says it is equally as important that HME providers be an integral part of the presentation.

“Having HME 'peers' share their experiences is extremely valuable to the audience,” Baird said. “How important is it to learn from HME peers? Very important, because they can learn more from their peers than from any other source. As peers share successes—and failures—the audience not only relates to the peers' experiences, but the audience will have a good idea as to what works and what does not work.”

Key tracks and topics for this year's educational lineup include three fan favorites: Medicaid Managed Care Plans entering into “sole source” contracts, home modifications and selling retail.

Medicaid Managed Care Plans is an important issue, Baird said, because the plans cover about 70% of the country's Medicaid patients. Home modifications have a lot of potential because the baby boom generation wants to live in their homes and remain independent. Boomers are also driving retail because they are willing to pay cash for a “Cadillac” product rather than wait around for Medicare to approve a “Chevy,” Baird said.

Overall, this year's educational program structure is due to the feedback from survey respondents about what they want from the Medtrade conference.

“Their comments are very influential to the EAB,” Baird said. “In fact, when the EAB starts planning for an upcoming Medtrade show, the first thing we do is read the surveys. It is of paramount importance to the EAB that the education programs meet the needs of the audience.”


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