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Training & education: Create peace of mind

Training & education: Create peace of mind Q. Why is it important to educate customers?

A. You can be the reason that your customers don't lose sleep due to the fear of the unknown. You can provide the support needed to give them confidence that their decisions are being made on accurate and complete information. You can bridge the gap between random and frightening interface with the system and care coordination that produces the best outcomes for your customer. Your customers want to be confident and in control while making decisions that center around their health and well-being. You are the link between the unknown and peace-of-mind when you educate your customers.

How do we educate our customers? 

Part of our job is to know the features and benefits of key category products and to be able to effectively communicate that with our customers. It is also our job to have a basic understanding of disease states that are involved in those key category products. That gives us perspective and empathy that will allow us to offer solutions that can truly contribute to a customer's quality of life. Often you can attend workshops or classes that are offered by manufacturers. A customer will feel more comfortable with you, and trust you when they see that you have gone the extra step to support their best interest.

How will educating customers pay off?  

The payoff is twofold. First, you can make a big difference in a customer's quality of life by giving them information they need to make educated decisions.  Secondly, the trust you build by demonstrating you are an expert in the key category products will pay off in sales, referrals and repeat business.

Caroline Pinney is national education and training manager for Juzo. Reach her at 800-222-4999 or


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