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V̇-Com ™ Increases 90-Day Adherence by 12%

V̇-Com ™ Increases 90-Day Adherence by 12%


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V̇-Com ™ CPAP made easyA large HME company based in Detroit1 recently completed a trial of 100 patients beginning CPAP. Of those, half received standard care and half received the V̇-Com™ device in their CPAP circuit. They found that 12% more of those in the V̇-Com™ group met the 90-day CMS requirement for adherence. 

“Most importantly, this is wonderful for the health of our patients,” said Robyn Parrot, President of Sleep Solutions. “But these results also improve the health of our company. Fewer mask exchanges, happier patients, and more resupply.”

Another large regional HME company based in Tennessee2 is currently conducting their own studies as well. The latest data showed that V̇-Com ™ given to struggling patients is more than doubling their CPAP usage.

 “Having independent third-party companies with these outcomes only provides further validation of V̇-Com™’s benefit to patients and medical equipment companies,” said Kami Harold, VP of Sales for SleepRes.

1 Sleep Solutions Home Medical

2 Home Medical Products


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