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VGM Live at Home standardizes home access

VGM Live at Home standardizes home access

WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM Live at Home has developed a select member program to help standardize the process of connecting home access companies with insurers and other organizations.

The program provides insurers and other organizations with home access companies that all provide a certain set of services and that all have at least one master certified environmental access consultant on staff.

“In talking with our members – we’ve had talks with big, kind of regional companies – one of the things that became clear to us was, when you look home access companies, they’re all doing different things,” said Jim Greatorex, vice president of VGM Live at Home. “It’s hard for (insurers and other organizations) to wrap their heads around that.”

Right now, there are about 35 home access companies in the VGM Live at Home select member program, with more expected.

The set of services provided – each with its own certification – are residential ramps, stairway lifts, vertical platform lifts, grab bars and handrails, bath remodel products, and transfer products.

“These companies may provide other services, but we know they all provide these services,” Greatorex said. “It gives us a platform that we can then promote nationally.”

VGM Live at Home has secured contracts for companies in the program with the National Association of Rural Letter Carriers, the American Legion and others.

“We’re also working on our relationships with Medicare Advantage plans,” Greatorex said. “That will be key going forward. These plans try to differentiate themselves with services to get people to come onto their plan instead of someone else’s.”

The private-pay market, though, is still where Greatorex sees the most growth for home access and “the most fun,” he says.

“We get contractors who run into a home access job because no one else will do it and because they’re a nice guy,” he said. “They’re used to a world where everyone complains about how much it costs and how long it takes, then they take this job and it’s all hugs, invitations to dinners and Christmas cards. We’ve had contractors rip up their whole business plan and focus on home access.”


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