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VGM survey digs into provider costs

VGM survey digs into provider costs

WATERLOO, Iowa ­– VGM has launched the 2021 cost of delivery survey to provide data points for the industry’s efforts to preserve patient access to HME.

The data points from a similar survey in 2018 were provided to elected officials, payers and regulatory entities, and helped to secure reimbursement relief.

“We were successful in obtaining some reimbursement relief via a 50/50 blend in our rural areas, and CMS and other payers seemed to acknowledge there would be access issues if HMEs were unable to service patients due to insufficient payment relative to the cost of delivery,” says VGM.

VGM will not identify or save company information, only service areas. Providers who complete the survey will receive a compilation of responses, as well as an email estimating their total delivery costs.

The new survey includes a section on the pandemic to indicate additional costs and other burdens brought on by the public health emergency, compared to previous years.

“As the pandemic continues, HMEs play a critical, frontline role in patient care and minimizing hospitalizations,” says VGM.

The timing of the survey is important, VGM says, with CMS reviewing comments to a recent proposed rule, and a new administration and newly elected officials taking their place in Washington, D.C.



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