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Wait until you hear this. Will the madness never end?

Wait until you hear this. Will the madness never end?

This is unbelievable.

For months now Washington lawmakers have been trying to hammer out a reform plan to reduce healthcare costs. So now here comes Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, with a bill that would extend Medicare coverage to hearing aids.

Memo to Sherrod: Maybe you haven't heard, but Medicare is on the road to bankruptcy, and there are a bunch of people inside the Beltway trying to figure out how to avoid that and provide healthcare insurance to millions of our nation's uninsured. This is not the time to seek Medicare coverage for hearing aids. In fact, it is so not the right time that you seem dangerously out of touch.

In a press release issued today by Brown's office, there is not one mention of how the senator intends to pay for this expanded benefit.  I also love this line from the press release:

Since the Medicare program was established, hearing aids have not been covered. Instead, seniors are forced to purchase supplemental coverage or pay out-of-pocket for these critical devices A Night at the Roxbury release

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What is this “forced” business? What's wrong with seniors purchasing supplemental insurance or paying out of pocket? I'm sure there are some who can't afford to do this, but there are plenty who can.

We don't want our seniors living in unheated apartments and eating cat food, but we also have to stop treating them like babies. If they've got money, let them spend it. Urmel voll in Fahrt rip If it comes down to them having to choose between a hearing aid and two-week vacation on a cruise ship, so be it.

— Mike Moran

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