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Word on the street

Word on the street

“Don't allow yourself to get down. We all move in the direction of our dominant thought. If you think you're going to be a victim, then you might as well start acting like road kill.” - Val Halamandaris

“I see a new market developing where baby boomers who are retiring will say, 'To hell with insurance and Medicare. I will buy it myself.'” - Shelly Prial

“Medicare has always challenged the HME industry. The Medicare law calls us a supplier and not a provider. I am personally offended by that.” - Joel Marx

“Traditionally, hospital-owned ventures are not as efficient as the entrepreneurial model. They are aware that treating the HME as a division of the hospital isn't always the best thing.” - Don Davis

“Are you going to seek further government revenue? I say, absolutely not. I find them to be the worst business partner in the world.” - Jim Greatorex

“At some point we will win. I don't know when or how it will happen, but this industry will get the recognition it really deserves.” - Karyn Estrella


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