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This year's most read stories

This year's most read stories 2015 brought rollups and buyouts, but most noticeably, one big flameout

YARMOUTH, Maine - While familiar topics once again made the list of most read stories for 2015, it's likely a bit of schadenfreude that drove one story to the top.

That's because Univita, the provider at the center of the story (“'Chaos' erupts as Univita loses contracts”), didn't win many fans among providers when it gained control of the Florida Medicaid market and served as both a provider and program administrator for the majority of the managed care organizations running the program. A follow-up story on Univita's resulting bankruptcy also made the list (“Univita files Chapter 7 with long list of creditors”).

Otherwise, it was business as usual with competitive bidding dominating provider concerns. Early in the year, the industry scored a victory when lawmakers passed a bill that would reform the competitive bidding program by requiring binding bids (“Bidding bill clears another huge hurdle”).

Unfortunately, CMS continued prepping for its expansion of the program into non-bid areas throughout 2015, with the release of payment amounts (“Industry now has full view of bid pricing”) and affected zip codes (“Nat'l roll out starts to take shape”).

With all of this talk of competitive bidding, it's hardly surprising that many smaller providers are, sadly, looking for a way out, as evidenced by one story about a roll-up gaining momentum (“Company seeks to offer 'exit strategy'”).

Speaking of acquisitions, big deals are always big news and the end of the year saw one of the biggest, with news that Lincare planned to buy American HomePatient (“Possible Lincare, AHP marriage not surprising”). AHP had been rumored to be up for sale since late 2014.

Noticeably absent from this year's most read list: any stories about audits, but stay tuned for the year ahead.

Most read stories of 2015

# 1 'Chaos' erupts as Univita loses contracts

# 2 Bidding bill clears another huge hurdle

# 3 Industry now has full view of bid pricing

# 4 Company seeks to offer 'exit strategy'

# 5 Possible Lincare, AHP marriage not surprising

# 6 Lincare joins Rotech, AeroCare on M&A trail

# 7 Submit a bid in the Round 2 re-compete? 'Why bother?'

# 8 National pricing for Medicare looms large

# 9 Univita files Chapter 7 with long list of creditors

# 10 Nat'l roll out starts to take shape


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