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CMS announces largest participation in Marketplace 

January 25, 2023HME News Staff

WASHINGTON – A record-breaking more than 16.3 million people have selected a health plan through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace during the recent open enrollment period from Nov. 1, 2022, to Jan. 15, 2023, according to CMS. Total plan selections include 3.6 million people (22% of total) who are new to the Marketplace for 2023, and 12.7 million people (78% of total) who had active 2022 coverage and made a plan selection for 2023 coverage or were automatically re-enrolled. “Since President...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), marketplace

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Medical device tax goes back into effect

January 2, 2018HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - A 2.3% excise tax on medical device manufacturers went back into effect on Jan. 1 after a two-year hiatus, according to news reports. The tax initially went into effect in 2013 as a way to pay for expanded health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The $150 billion medical device industry, representing everything from catheters to artificial joints, has fought the tax hard. Congress agreed to suspend the tax for 2016 and 2017, with an eye toward abolishing it before 2018, but several...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medical device tax

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Aeroflow donates breast pump kits

August 9, 2017HME News Staff

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Aeroflow and Ameda, a breast pump manufacturer, are partnering with Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta to provide breast pump kits for new mothers to use at Dekalb Detention Center. The program gives the mothers, most of whom will be in Dekalb for short periods of time, the opportunity to initiate and maintain lactation so they can continue to feed their baby breast milk once they're reunited at home. "Many women at Dekalb believe they are not allowed to breastfeed, even in...

Aeroflow, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Breast Pumps

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Changing healthcare models: What's the impact on home care?

February 24, 2017Guest Commentary

The Affordable Care Act: Has there been such major health policy reform in the United States since the 1965 passing of the Social Security Amendments? A goal of the ACA is changing payment models based on the belief the current healthcare payment model is broken. It has been suggested the core of the problem is the fee-for-service system, which opponents argue promotes high utilization without appropriate accountability for cost, quality and outcomes.The ACA intends to shift away from a reactive,...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), Joe Lewarski

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ACA or no ACA, HME providers don't expect much change

February 24, 2017Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

The fate of the Affordable Care Act lies in the hands of the Republican-controlled Congress, but HME providers for the most part don't expect to feel much of an impact if the program were repealed.“I think it's an overblown topic with regard to HME,” said Steve Ackerman, owner of Spectrum Medical in Silver Spring, Md. “I guess it depends on what comes in its place, but Medicare—at least for HME—wasn't really affected by the program”Ackerman may have a point. Nearly...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), Home Medical Equipment (HME)

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Aeroflow launches petition

February 24, 2017Kelly Bothum

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - There's been plenty of discussion recently about what the repeal of the Affordable Care Act could mean for healthcare consumers, but Aeroflow Healthcare is doing more than just talking.The DME provider has launched an online petition to keep breastfeeding support—mandated since 2010 through the ACA—as a women's preventive benefit.In less than three weeks, the petition garnered more than 11,300 signatures. For Aeroflow, which operates a Mom & Baby division specializing...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), Breast Pumps

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On the Editor's Desk

Health care, for a Price

January 23, 2017Liz Beaulieu, Editor

I've been making a round of calls to HME industry consultants today to see what they're working on with their provider clients. (Managing Editor Theresa likes to call the story that I write from these calls “Consultant's corner.”) I can't say that I've dug up much yet. I've been hearing a lot about audits, but that's pretty much business as usual for HME providers these days. A number of consultants I've spoken with have mentioned the anticipation surrounding...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Obamacare, Rep. Tom Price

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Trump taps HME champion Price as HHS secretary

November 29, 2016HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - President Elect Donald Trump has named Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., a long-time champion of the HME industry and its efforts to reform Medicare's competitive bidding program, as the next secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, according to news reports. Price, a six-term congressman, is a vocal critic of the Affordable Care Act and, according to The New York Times, has been studying how to dismantle and replace Obamacare for the past six years. He serves on the influential...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), Competitive Bidding, Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Rep. Tom Price

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Medtrade preview: Can you speak millennial?

October 16, 2015Jeff Rowe

ATLANTA - Among the changes in the Affordable Care Act is a requirement for non-grandfathered health plans to cover breastfeeding support and supplies. At Medtrade in Atlanta, in a session titled “How to Reap the Benefits of Health Care Reform to Reach the Millennial Consumer & Expand Retail Sales,” Juli Goldstein, managed care channel manager for Medela, will help attendees understand how best to serve this new generation of consumers. HME News:How has health insurance coverage for...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), Breast Pumps, Medtrade

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Law has 'minimal impact' on providers, good or bad

April 10, 2015Tracy Orzel

YARMOUTH, Maine - A provision in the Affordable Care Act that mandates insurance coverage hasn't necessarily resulted in increased business for HME providers.Even though about 16 million people now have health coverage thanks to the ACA, provider Doug Westerdahl says the law hasn't had a material impact on his business, which is predominantly complex rehab.“If you were disabled, somehow, some way, you already had insurance before the ACA,” said Westerdahl, president of Rochester, N.Y.-based...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), Greg LoPresti, Health insurance

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