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Caught on tape: Criticism of bid program mixed in with criticism of Obamacare

June 9, 2017Liz Beaulieu, Editor

WASHINGTON - When HHS Secretary Tom Price took to Twitter last week to post several videos of small business owners speaking on the negative impact of Obamacare, one in particular caught the eye of social media-savvy HME providers.Dudley Hoskins Bostic, owner of Hoskins Drug Store in Clinton, Tenn., said, “There is an access issue. It's not available—it is actually not available to the residents and the citizens of Tennessee. And it's narrowing as we speak.”The video, only a few...

Competitive Bidding, Home Medical Equipment (HME), Obamacare

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On the Editor's Desk

Health care, for a Price

January 23, 2017Liz Beaulieu, Editor

I've been making a round of calls to HME industry consultants today to see what they're working on with their provider clients. (Managing Editor Theresa likes to call the story that I write from these calls “Consultant's corner.”) I can't say that I've dug up much yet. I've been hearing a lot about audits, but that's pretty much business as usual for HME providers these days. A number of consultants I've spoken with have mentioned the anticipation surrounding...

Affordable Care Act (ACA), Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Obamacare, Rep. Tom Price

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Obamacare enrollments outpace last year

January 11, 2017HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - More than 11.5 million people nationwide were signed up for Health Insurance Marketplace coverage as of Dec. 24, 2016, according to a new report from the Department of Health and Human Services.That's an increase of 286,000 compared to the same period the previous year.Additionally, more than 700,000 residents of New York and Minnesota also signed up through the Basic Health Programs offered by those states, bringing the total to 12.2 million enrolled.More than 8.7 million people signed...

Health insurance, Obamacare

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Lawmakers waste no time on repeal

January 4, 2017HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - Republicans in the House of Representatives have set Feb. 20 as a target date to get a bill repealing Obamacare to President-elect Donald Trump.Trump himself plans to take executive actions to undo the Affordable Care Act on his first day in office, said Vice President-elect Mike Pence in an article on The experts have warned that repealing the program without an immediate replacement would create chaos. Twenty million people are covered under the act.HME providers...


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