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Healogics partners with American Diabetes Association to raise awareness

June 8, 2022HME News Staff

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Healogics will partner with the American Diabetes Association to sponsor Tip of the Day during Wound Care Awareness Week, June 6–10, to raise awareness of chronic wound problems and educate physicians and people living with diabetes about the Healogics solution. "Let's continue to spread the word about wound care awareness, not just during Wound Care Awareness Week, but throughout June and all year long,” said David Bassin, Healogics CEO. “If you have...

American Diabetes Association, Healogics, Wound Care

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Specialty Providers

Walmart, American Diabetes Association partner on program for businesses

May 19, 2022HME News Staff

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – MeMD, a national telehealth provider that’s part of the Walmart Health family, has launched the Walmart Health Virtual Care Diabetes Program to better provide for patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and assist employers and other institutions supporting the specific health needs of their employees.  Available as a standalone or as part of a comprehensive medical and behavioral telehealth program, the Walmart Health Virtual Care Diabetes Program was developed...

American Diabetes Association, Diabetes, Telehealth, virtual care, walmart

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ADA launches diabetes product pilot

March 31, 2021HME News Staff

ARLINGTON, Va. – The American Diabetes Association has launched the “Better Choices for Life” program to help people with diabetes make better choices while shopping. Still in is pilot phase, the program takes a science- and evidence-based approach to evaluating products in three categories: food and nutrition, health and wellness, and diabetes management. Following an extensive evaluation process, companies applying for participation and passing the evaluation may...

American Diabetes Association, “Better Choices for Life”

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Specialty Providers

ADA asks USPS to get back to business

August 26, 2020HME News Staff

ARLINGTON, Va. - The American Diabetes Association has asked the U.S. Postal Service to reinstate its delivery standards after reports of mail delays across the country. In a letter to USPS Postmaster Louis DeJoy, the ADA, along with 20 other national health groups, including the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association and the Arthritis Foundation, says it is concerned about the effect delays could have on the more than 133 million Americans who rely on the mail for life-saving medications....

American Diabetes Association, Mail-order supplies, USPS

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DarioHealth to sponsor ADA walk

May 8, 2019HME News Staff

ARLINGTON, Va. - DarioHealth has partnered with the American Diabetes Association as a Living Red Sponsor of NYC-Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. Dario offers a mobile application to engage and educate users on topics ranging from diabetes management to nutrition to exercise, and a platform that allows healthcare professionals to access data and provide recommendations. The company will publish several studies demonstrating the clinical benefits of using its Digital Therapeutics solutions at the...

American Diabetes Association, DarioHealth

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Take a hike—or at least a neighborhood stroll

May 12, 2015Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

Last week, the American Diabetes Association proclaimed May 6 “Get Fit, Don't Sit'' Day. You've heard the reports over the past few months: working at our desks, playing on computers, watching the tube, etc., is making us unhealthy. A study published in January links sedentary lifestyles to a 91% increase in Type 2 diabetes. Coincidentally, a few days prior I had bought a pedometer—the old school kind that clips to your belt and, at $15, doesn't break the bank. Michelle the dietician...

American Diabetes Association, Diabetes, Don't Sit, Get Fit

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Dr. Comfort donates to American Diabetes Association

October 16, 2014HME News Staff

MILWAUKEE - Dr. Comfort will donate $10 to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for every pair of athletic shoes sold from its newest Athletic Shoe line through the end of the year. “As a therapeutic footwear company, the fight against diabetes is very important to us,” said Product Manager Rob Heglin. The footwear manufacturer will also participate in several of the ADA's “Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes” events.

American Diabetes Association, Dr. Comfort

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Dr. Comfort steps out for diabetes

August 14, 2014HME News Staff

MILWAUKEE - Dr. Comfort, a manufacturer of therapeutic footwear, has committed to raising $100,000 in 2014 as a National Team for the American Diabetes Association's Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. Dr. Comfort's employees, friends, family members, customers and vendors are invited to join the company's corporate team in participating in any of the 110 Step Out events nationwide. Every mile walked and dollar raised supports the ADA's research and advocacy efforts to improve the lives of those affected...

American Diabetes Association, Dr. Comfort, therapeutic footwear

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ADA study: Diabetes costs jump 41% from 2007

March 7, 2013HME News Staff

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The costs associated with diabetes, including medical care and lost productivity, rose from $174 billion in 2007 to $245 billion in 2012, a 41% increase, according to a new study by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).As part of the study, titled “Economic Costs of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2012,” researchers found that the primary driver of rising costs is the increased prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. population.“When it comes to the rising costs of diabetes,...

American Diabetes Association, Diabetes, Medicaid, Medicare, U.S. Census

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Doughnuts or diabetes? Your choice.

November 15, 2012Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

This is such a disappointment. America's Type 2 diabetes problem just keeps getting worse, according to a new study from the CDC. Despite a constant deluge of articles and studies on the dangers of—and the contributing factors to—diabetes, it appears people aren't paying attention. The study actually looks at the rocketing rates by stte and in several states, including right here in Maine, the rates more than doubled. Guess we Yanks should stop pointing our formerly-slim fingers at Mississippi...

American Diabetes Association, Diabetes, Diabetes Awareness, Type 1 diabetes

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