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DarioHealth buys Twill 

February 27, 2024HME News Staff

NEW YORK – DarioHealth has acquired Twill in a move that the company says creates one of the most comprehensive digital offerings in the market for chronic conditions, spanning a wide spectrum of health and well-being needs. Dario says the deal also creates immediate scale, with three of the top eight national health plans, multiple Fortune 100 employers and several major pharmaceutical companies as customers. “The Twill acquisition is an incredible opportunity to bring together our complementary...

Chronic Conditions, DarioHealth, Digital Health, Twill

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Philips launches virtual care portfolio 

March 27, 2023HME News Staff

AMSTERDAM – Royal Philips has launched Philips Virtual Care Management, a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services to help health systems, providers, payers and employer groups more meaningfully motivate and deeply connect with patients from virtually anywhere. “Virtual care is paving the way to meaningfully reduce the cost of care through fewer hospitalizations and emergency department visits,” said Nick Wilson, general manager, Ambulatory Virtual Care, at Philips. “Care...

Chronic Conditions, Philips, virtual care

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Better Health extends care model to diabetes 

November 14, 2022HME News Staff

SAN FRANCISCO – Better Health, a national chronic condition support and medical supply provider, has expanded its offerings to those living with diabetes. “Living with a chronic condition can be expensive,” said Greg Bokar, Better Health’s newly appointed general manager of expansion, who is at the forefront of the company’s initiative. “With our expansion, we are broadening our offering to provide peer support, patient education, insurance management and home...

Better Health, Chronic Conditions, Diabetes, Medical supplies

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DarioHealth, Williams Medical partner to relieve primary care providers

July 22, 2020HME News Staff

NEW YORK - DarioHealth has entered into a new strategic partnership with Williams Medical to make the DarioHealth Remote Patient Monitoring digital therapeutics platform available to health care professionals across the U.K. and Ireland. The RPM solution integrates Dario's open platform, application technology and coaching platform to allow healthcare professionals to monitor patients remotely. “Dario's digital solution is intended to provide relief for primary and secondary care providers...

Chronic Conditions, DarioHealth, Remote Patient Monitoring

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CMS reviews NIV therapy for chronic respiratory failure

June 24, 2020HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - CMS on July 22 will conduct a virtual Medicare Evidence Development & Coverage Advisory Committee meeting to review the evidence specific to the home use of non-invasive ventilators by patients with chronic respiratory failure consequent to COPD. The agency seeks the committee's recommendations on the characteristics that define patient selection and usage criteria, and concomitant services, as well as the equipment parameters necessary to best achieve positive patient health outcomes...

Chronic Conditions, COPD, Coverage, Criteria, Non-invasive vents, Respiratory

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On the Editor's Desk

Dr. Oz, Apple and their prime time effect

April 24, 2017Liz Beaulieu, Editor

Earlier this year, we wrote about ResMed teaming up with Dr. Mehmet Oz to launch SleepScore Labs, a new company focused on helping people understand and improve their sleep. One of the company's first goals: compile and analyze consumer sleep data, starting with its national sleep study at, and license SleepScore by ResMed technology for other consumer sleep devices. This morning, I got an email from Ascensia Diabetes Care, announcing a partnership with, you guessed it, the Dr. Oz...

Chronic Conditions, Technology

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A big pain in the ... arm

October 22, 2012Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

Looking for a new product area to delve into? I have two words for you: pain management. You see, I have been dealing, most likely—there's no definitive diagnosis—with adhesive capsulitis, otherwise known as frozen shoulder. Basically, there's a membrane that covers your shoulder joint and all the muscles and so on in that area that starts to "freeze up." It hurts and it limits my range of motion. THEY don't know what causes it, nor why it's more common in...

Chronic Conditions, Diabetes, Pain management

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