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Harnessing the power of connectivity

October 28, 2019Guest Commentary

We live in a connected world. This morning alone, my wife used Siri to check the weather, so we knew how to dress for school and work, and my 5-year-old daughter asked Google to play her favorite songs as we ate breakfast. When my girls are waiting for the bus in the morning, my wife religiously watches the bus GPS app to know where it is and how much time we have. With more and more information available and with many devices now IoT compatible, I always come back to the same question: Is this making...

Connectivity, Invacare, Jonathan Houston

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On the right track: VirtuOx tees up providers for better connectivity

March 31, 2017Liz Beaulieu, Editor

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - VirtuOx is betting that its new tracking device is an idea with legs.VirtuOx launched VirtuTrack after a national HME provider approached the company to help it track usage for its fleet of oxygen transfill systems.“We started out with one idea, but we quickly realized there are a number of uses for this device,” said Kyle Miko, founder and COO of VirtuOx, a Medicare-approved IDTF for overnight oximetry and home sleep testing.VirtuTrack's chain-of-custody design...

Connectivity, tracking, VirtuOx

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ResMed connects vents

May 17, 2016HME News Staff

SAN DIEGO - ResMed already offers CPAP devices with cloud connectivity and soon it will offer life support ventilators with the same capabilities. The company announced at the American Thoracic Society conference this week that it plans to bring cloud connectivity and its remote patient monitoring software, AirView, to its Astral life support ventilators later this year. “Cloud connectivity is a major factor in the future of health care,” said Raj Sodhi, president of the ResMed's...

Cloud, Connectivity, ResMed, Vents

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Also Noted

Qualcomm Life collaborates with ResMed

August 19, 2014HME News Staff

SAN DIEGO - Qualcomm Life, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, has announced a collaboration with ResMed to develop connected health solutions. ResMed is using Qualcomm Life's technology to streamline transitions of care from the hospital into the home. It is integrating Qualcomm Life's 2net Hub and Platform with its Astral vents to capture and transfer near real-time biometric data to the HealthyCircles Care coordination platform. It's also using HealthyCircles with its CPAP devices to enable hospitals and...

Connectivity, Readmissions, Remote monitoring, ResMed

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