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Erik Mickelson walks the talk

February 25, 2020Liz Beaulieu, Editor

YAKIMA, Wash. - Erik Mickelson, ATP, has hung up a shingle as a consultant, saying there's a vacuum of consultants in the HME industry who are also business owners. Here's what Mickelson, CEO of Howard's Medical Supply, which does more than one-quarter of its business in complex rehab, had to say about how he's helping to lift up independent providers like himself.HME News: How have you set up your consulting business?Erik Mickelson: We have a three-tiered approach. The base level is our mastermind...

Erik Mickelson, HOme medical equipment

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On the Editor's Desk

Help us give you what you want

February 12, 2020Liz Beaulieu, Editor

I was recently a guest on Erik Mickelson's podcast “DME Coach.” Erik asked me, “You're a reporter; what makes your life easier, from the reporter side of things; what are you looking for from us providers?” I joked, “That the providers we call pick up the phone and talk to us?” But it's true. The HME industry is not so much an industry of press releases and press conferences, and so covering the industry, from our small office in Yarmouth, Maine, entails a lot...

DME Coach, Erik Mickelson

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