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On the Move

Storm chaser? That's me!

July 26, 2012Elizabeth Deprey

In making cold calls over the past week or so, I've talked to several providers who've gone above and beyond in some pretty extreme weather situations. It seems like everything hit at once: fires in the West, major outages in DC, a huge wind storm in Ohio. Providers didn't seem to miss a beat though, continuing to deliver oxygen and serve patients while the emergencies went on around them. Kristy Warner in Ohio said a transfilling station on site helped her staff to be able to make deliveries around...

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Ohio takes step in right direction

December 9, 2009Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

Ohio lawmakers yesterday passed a bill that would require insurance coverage for diabetes. The state is one of a handful that do not currently require such coverage. Think about it. There are (I believe) four states I could never live in for this one reason. What happened to the land of the free? The proposal still has to pass the Ohio Senate and, according to news reports, passage is uncertain. The big concern for lawmakers: insurance mandates would burden small businesses. I work for a small business....

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