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HCAV makes play to boost revenues

HCAV makes play to boost revenues

HALIFAX, Va. – Home Care Alliance of Virginia is looking to fill out its network of providers to serve more patients of the United Mine Workers of America Health and Retirement Funds, one of several contracts it holds, says Executive Director Wayne Stanfield. 

HCAV, which is one of seven contractors serving the contract nationwide, receives referrals, processes the billing and pays providers, including those in Utah, Wyoming, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Missouri, to provide equipment and services. 

“These last couple of years have been trying for everybody,” he said. “We’re expanding the footprint a bit and trying to increase our revenues, so we can all stay viable.” 

HCAV was created in 1996 as a provider-owned network to bid for managed care contracts and to create a bigger footprint for its members. 

While the vast majority of United Mine Workers of America Health patients are in need of respiratory services, that often goes hand in hand with beds, wheelchairs and other bent metal, says Stanfield. 

“(There’s opportunity) wherever there is a mining population,” he said. “People don’t realize there are mining areas you wouldn’t think of. Our providers are all independent HMEs in these states, so it does give them an opportunity in areas where the United Mine Workers of America Health population is strong.” 

Membership in the alliance has held fairly steady over the years, though ongoing industry consolidation has made an impact, says Stanfield, who is looking ahead to his retirement. 

“We’ve been extra lucky with HCAV over the years,” he said. “We’ve managed to keep going and keep providing a needed service, and I’m very proud of how it has been going this well for this period of time.”


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