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Smart Talk

Leadership: Listen to your team

September 9, 2020Sarah Hanna

Q. How do I know I'm leading my staff in a manner that fosters loyalty and commitment to the company's mission and goals?A. Determining what your team thinks of you as a leader is not an easy task. It requires getting honest and constructive feedback about your strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement, as well as their needs. Therefore, they need to feel safe in their ability to be truthful in their opinions without fear of repercussions. You also need to be the person who can hear the good,...

ECS North, Leadership, Sarah Hanna

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Guest Blog

Don't underestimate the 'sidekicks'

April 17, 2020HME News Staff

With COVID-19 permeating every aspect of our lives and our media experience, we look for the good in our communities and continue to celebrate the front-line workers: health care staff, truckers, grocery store clerks, gas station attendants and the list continues. They are the heroes tirelessly working so we can stay at home and abide by the shelter and place orders. Have you wondered about the “sidekicks” who are behind the scenes making sure the heroes and heroines have what they need...

Billing, Coronavirus Outbreak, ECS North, Sarah Hanna

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Don't let desperation lead to miscalculation

July 31, 2017Letter to the Editor

Recently, while talking with a friend/business adviser about expanding my business, we discussed some areas that I had ventured into in the last year. The topic of the conversation revolved around budget allocation for this expansion. I know what you are thinking, “yawn.” During our conversation, he asked me my thoughts on the marketplace in which I was making my move. I knew I could do what needed to be done to make it successful, but as we continued to talk about the costs and steps...

ECS North, Sarah Hanna

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