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Skye Banegas

Smart Talk

Metrics: Start with correct setup

September 13, 2023Skye Banegas

Q. How can you manage what you don't measure?   A. Metrics. A lot of times we're frozen by inability to even know where to start.  But start you must, because you cannot fly blind. In this industry with tight margins, crippling staffing shortages, ever changing fees and payer requirements, you must know and track what is going on.  Thankfully, the EMRs we use have the data. We must harness this data, refine it, and translate it into actionable insights. Only then...

Metrics, Skye Banegas, Strategic Office Support

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Business Development

Market for back-office services growing

May 18, 2023John Andrews

Automation technology has made great strides within the HME industry, organizing and streamlining operational office functions that go beyond billing. That progress has changed the dynamic of a provider’s financial processes and business workflow.  “Basically, there are many areas in the HME provider’s business, including revenue cycle management, where advanced technology and automation – including artificial intelligence – can be used to improve process throughput,...

Billing, Prochant, Strategic Office Support, Tactical Back Office

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