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ACU-Serve gives providers options  

ACU-Serve gives providers options  

Jim KnightAKRON, Ohio – ACU-Serve’s partnership with Beyond HME is a nod to the importance of a multi-modality approach to resupply, even as more and more solutions emphasize all things electronic, say execs from the two companies. 

ACU-Serve announced in February that it was partnering with Beyond HME, a Florida-based live call solutions provider, to offer resupply services, as well as compliance and full-service consulting, to its clients. Then both companies announced in March that they were partnering with S3 to integrate its patient-focused resupply Saas platform. 

“Even with the advancements in electronic communication, there will always be a need for live patient interaction,” said Jim Dragatsis, CEO of Beyond HME. “Putting the ‘care’ back in health care is one of our objectives at Beyond.  As we embrace technology, we also don’t want to lose sight of patient care.” 

Dragatsis founded Beyond HME earlier this year. He formerly founded AllCall Connect, which he sold to Brightree in 2017. He then served as president of Live Call for Brightree for four years before retiring at the end of 2021. 

ACU-Serve initiated the partnership with Beyond HME after noticing that the resupply revenue of its clients was decreasing, says CEO Jim Knight. 

“Most are outsourcing resupply and they’re really struggling,” he said. “When it hurts their revenue, it hurts our revenue, so we want to do everything we can to not only ensure collections are high and max revenues are hit, but it’s also about the best patient care.” 

The partnership gives the company’s clients more options and a more holistic approach, Knight says. 

“The combination is a complete package,” he said. “Now, when a customer comes to us and says, ‘I want to look at changing my resupply solution,’ we can bring in Beyond HME to manage the program for them. But we’re also going to supplement that outside of the patient call by handling the authorization, the document management, the outreach for co-pays and deductibles.” 

While Beyond HME’s core is providing U.S.-based live call services for CPAP resupply, the company is expanding into other product categories like continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and breast pumps, says Dragatsis. 

“It’s not the same AllCall,” he said. “Things change and that’s why my partnership with Jim and others is refreshing. We’re more versatile.” 


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