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Be like Bill

Be like Bill

It’s that time of year to look at the year that was – in HME News stories. 

As we were putting together the finishing touches on this January issue, I pulled the 10 most read stories for 2023. 

I was pleased as punch to see a story we published about Miller’s opening its fifth location in Ohio was the No. 1 most read story of the year by a long shot. In a year when the CPAP recall, supply chain challenges and increased costs weighed heavily on the industry, I’m all about celebrating a story about an HME company that’s growing – not to mention growing after several years of status quo. I look forward to hearing about Miller’s next move. 

Speaking of the recall and supply chain challenges, they were the subject of two most read stories: The No. 8 story about Philips agreeing to resolve economic loss claims (the company set aside EUR 575 million for job) and the No. 10 story about providers scrambling to find product amid an enteral formula shortage (significant consolidation among formula makers didn’t help). 

A side note on that last story, about the enteral formula shortage. We only ever knew that was happening after provider Bill Fredericks tipped us off. These are the best stories, to be honest – stories that are the result of HME providers reaching out to us or vice versa. It’s the only way to get that boots-on-the ground perspective. 

The No. 3 story about Mike Mallaro and Jeremy Stolz getting new roles at VGM Group speaks to a number of executive transitions that happened in the industry in 2023. Mallaro becomes executive chairman of VGM and Stolz, formerly president of two divisions, VGM & Associates and VGM Fulfillment, becomes CEO of the company. Other executive transitions in 2023: Crispin Teufel moves from Lincare to AdaptHealth to National Seating & Mobility; Bill Mixon moves from NSM to Advanced Diabetes Supplies; and Gordy Fox moves from CEO to chairman at Home Care Delivered, replaced by Gayle Devin (formerly of ActivStyle). At press time, there was still no CEO at AdaptHealth, following the retirement of Steve Griggs in June. 

Speaking of AdaptHealth, the company did make the list of most read stories twice: A No. 6 story on taking responsibility for the slow ramp up of its Humana contract and a No. 9 story on the company parting ways with Teufel. It was also, by association, the subject of the No. 7 story on provider reaction to that slow ramp up of the Humana contract. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2023 without having a story about Medicare Advantage, as it’s the year these plans crossed the threshold of covering more than 50% of Medicare beneficiaries. The No. 2 story, as well as a number of other stories we wrote about Medicare Advantage in 2023, have focused on denials by these plans that go against Medicare policy, which they are supposed to be following. 

That’s 2023 in HME News stories. Be like Bill and keep us in the loop on what’s happening in 2024.


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