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Product launches: Liviliti Health, NikoHealth, Withings Health, Wynne Systems

Product launches: Liviliti Health, NikoHealth, Withings Health, Wynne Systems

Liviliti Health has launched CPAP Soap, a retail add-on for CPAP providers to increase the margins of their resupply businesses. The company says the soap allows patients to follow manufacturer guidelines and U.S. Food and Drug Administration processes for daily and weekly cleaning. The soap is non-allergenic and SLS and alcohol free. FMI:  

NikoHealth has launched “Electronic Medical Attachments,” a new functionality that allows DME providers to submit essential attachments, along with claims to insurance payers, ensuring a seamless and efficient claims process. "We are thrilled to introduce the 'Electronic Medical Attachments' feature, underscoring our commitment to simplifying health care processes," said Michael Kutsak, CEO at NikoHealth. "This innovation not only enhances efficiency for DME suppliers but also contributes to a more streamlined and accurate claims process, benefiting both providers and patients." FMI:

Withings Health has launched Body Pro 2, a cellular-connected smart scale that allows care teams to capture advanced health metrics, such as weight and body composition. The company also offers a prescription-only module for the scale that can monitor electrochemical skin conductance (ESC) to help detect early signs of diabetic peripheral neuropathies and assess the risk for diabetic foot ulcers. FMI:

Wynne Systems has launched EquipFlows, a platform specifically engineered to focus on DME management, tracking and ordering. The company realized the potential impact of EquipFlows on the health care industry after working with the nation's largest hospice provider, VITAS Healthcare, on developing a solution to fit the unique DME management needs of an organization their size. FMI:


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