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Billing: Find missing puzzle piece

Billing: Find missing puzzle piece

Q. How can outsourcing billing benefit me as a supplier and what should I consider when choosing to outsource?

A. We know—it's all so confusing. Every time you think you've figured it all out, a new obstacle crops up. Qualified, motivated individuals are hard to come by, making staffing nearly impossible. The overhead associated with administrative services like billing just keeps growing. Providers are increasingly turning to outsourcing these services as a way to eliminate this burden. Outsourcing allows providers to focus on what they are best at—providing high quality services to patients. This means you can compete for those referral sources that make a difference in your bottom line.

What is your in-house staff really costing you?

Hidden Costs

Rejected claims/denied claims, appeals, held A/R, lack of follow-up, increase in bad debt write-offs, and time spent resubmitting claims.

Tangible Expenses

Training, wages and benefits, taxes, time off and equipment, supplies and postage.

What should I consider before outsourcing?

• What are the qualifications/inefficiencies of my current billing staff?

• Which business services am I interested in outsourcing?

• What is the cost associated with my in-house billing staff?

• How can a billing service with DME-focused, experienced staff change my bottom line?

• How do I handle my existing staff if I choose to outsource?

• How will the transition take place?

What services should I consider outsourcing?

• Authorizations

• Confirmation of insurance orders

• Billing review

• CMN review

• Rejection management

• Payment posting

• Denial resolution

• AR follow-up

• Monthly reporting

• Documentation review

Dawn Chapman is owner of Chapman DME Billing. Reach her at


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