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Cape Medical Supply moves resupply online

Cape Medical Supply moves resupply online

SANDWICH, Mass. - Cape Medical Supply customers are hanging up the phone and logging in to a new online portal to reorder supplies.

“People like it a lot more,” said Kevin Sheehan, director of business operations for New Hampshire and Maine.

Cape Medical invited customers whose email addresses it had on file—about one-third of them—to sign on to the portal in June. Within 48 hours, 15% signed up and about 10% placed orders.

Providers are fine-tuning their resupply systems because they know they're missing out on substantial recurring revenue, said Russell Parker, COO of Oklahoma City-based Revsuppliance.

“Based on Medicare allowables, it's at least $1,000 per person after cost of goods per year,” he said.

Cape Medical uses a portal that asks the same questions as the automated voice system (both are Brightree products), but when it sends out reminders, the portal allows the company to include a line item describing the exact product that needs to be reordered.

The automated voice system—still available to those who prefer it—gives some people problems. The system might hear a response incorrectly, for example, and that can lead to fewer orders.

At the end of the day, the portal is more convenient for many patients, said Sheehan.

“You can check your email 24 hours a day, whereas a phone call only goes out at certain times,” he said.


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