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Customer Service: Make metrics matter

Customer Service: Make metrics matter

Judi KnottQ. Why is measuring customer service important? 

A. We are actually measuring satisfaction to evaluate our service. 

In 2019, BOC began measuring customer satisfaction to better understand, monitor and utilize this feedback. It is important for any business to understand that customer service metrics are directly tied to your company’s ability to grow revenue. 

Your customers rely on you for the services you offer, but in turn, they can provide a wealth of knowledge when it comes to: 

Evaluating marketplace needs: Are your products and services designed to address your customers' needs? Are there any challenges that you can help them to overcome? You can drive more revenue by identifying opportunities to meet customer needs. 

Learning what your business is doing well: What makes your customers happy? How can you strengthen and build on the things your organization does well? 

Understanding where you need to do better: How can you reduce customer dissatisfaction and build loyalty by improving your products and services? 

It’s common for businesses that haven’t tried measuring customer satisfaction to feel anxious about their initial results. I encourage you to face that fear and embrace the process of using this metric to drive change and improvement. It can create alignment and focus for your staff as the team better understands how their work impacts the customer experience. It can create a goal to unite everyone in the organization. 

Using customer service metrics allows BOC to remain focused on this strength to continue our success. Your business can do the same. 

Judi Knott is president & CEO of Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC). Reach her at [email protected] or 877.776.2200.


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