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EW Focus Conference shines light on new markets

EW Focus Conference shines light on new markets

CLEARWATER BEACH, Fla. – Gone are the days when diversification for a women’s health boutique meant simply adding swimwear and wigs.  

These days, providers have a lot more opportunities to cross-sell products and services for a host of women’s health concerns, and the upcoming Focus on the Future Conference will show attendees how, says Nikki Jensen. 

“The pandemic brought to light the importance of diversification,” said Jensen, vice president of Essentially Women, a division of VGM, which organizes the event. “Not as many women were going into see the fitter for those one-on-one visits. Those models that had some diversification – maybe they did mastectomy and mom and baby. Not every business is set up to do both, but those that can, should. When we talk about breast pumps, babies are coming, no matter what.” 

The Focus conference will take place Feb. 4-6 at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach, Fla. 

While mother and baby products are an obvious focus for providers – EW in 2022 launched EW launched Lily – the conference will also host a session on female incontinence led by Gloria Kolb, CEO of Elidah. 

“Whether it’s undergoing childbirth or being over age 40, this is something that a lot of women experience,” said Jensen. “It crosses over with a lot of the women that our EW members are already seeing.” 

The Self 

In addition to taking care of business matters, conference organizers also recognize the importance of owners taking care of patients and themselves. “Brain Hacks and Breasts: The Science of Compassion” is one of two keynote sessions led by Katelyn Carey, a clinical nurse educator and author who shares her perspectives as both a patient and a practitioner, says Jensen.  

“She works with health care professionals, helping them with how they handle the heaviness,” she said. “It translates to what fitters go through, as well, talking with patients all day every day, and emptying their bucket.” 

The Networking 

American Breast Care will also host a reception Saturday evening and the conference will be capped off with a noontime networking event and a “Sunset Soiree” on the beach on Sunday, says Jensen. 

“It’s an opportunity to mix people up,” she said. “There’s assigned seating for attendees to get to know people from other parts of the country. There will be ice breakers – they can talk about what they do and their hopes for the coming year.” 


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