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Lindy Tentinger is ‘all in’ at VGM & Associates  

Lindy Tentinger is ‘all in’ at VGM & Associates  

Lindy TentingerWATERLOO, Iowa – The new president of VGM & Associates, Lindy Tentinger, has 17 years of leadership experience, but possibly her biggest asset, she says, is her age. 

The 43-year-old, who was previously president of VGM Forbin/forbinfi and senior vice president of marketing for VGMA, says she offers “longevity.” 

“We need someone who cares enough and who wants to stay,” she said. “That’s definitely something I bring to the table. I’ll be working for a while yet and this is something I’m committed to. One of my values is, I’m all in.” 

Tentinger replaces Jeremy Stolz, who was president of both VGMA and VGM Fulfillment since the summer of 2022 and who became the CEO of VGM on Jan. 1. Stolz replaced Clint Geffert, who resigned as president of VGMA in May of 2022. 

In addition, her age, as well as her experience not only at VGM but also at a global business process outsourcing company, allows Tentinger to bring “a fresh perspective for the future” to VGMA. 

“We want the experience (of providing HME) to be seamless and frictionless, and we’re not there yet when it comes to technology and digitizing,” she said. “Coming off of Forbin and living in that high-tech world, that’s something I can continue to keep at the forefront.” 

Tentinger – who grew up in a self-employed family and who says “there isn't a blood line in my body that doesn’t speak customer service” – looks forward to connecting with VGMA’s provider and vendor partners on a deeper level. 

“I’ve really dedicated myself to learning about the industry and speaking in the industry and writing for the industry,” she said. “I’m excited to continue the relationships I already have and start new relationships. I’m really trying to dig in and be present for all the industries we serve, whether it’s complex rehab or O&P or women’s health.” 

Tentinger will also be the fourth female on VGM’s senior leadership team – a milestone not only for the company but also for the industry, she says. 

“It’s the first time a female has led a division of this size at VGM,” she said. “If you would have told me six years ago that this would be my path at VGM, I would have been dumbfounded. If I can do it, it shows what’s possible. I hope that is an inspiration.” 


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