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Look beyond breast pumps, says EW

Look beyond breast pumps, says EW

Nikki JensenWATERLOO, Iowa – There’s plenty of opportunity beyond breast pumps in the fast-growing mother-baby market, says Essentially Women’s Nikki Jensen.   

“No matter what happens, babies will still be coming – that is a constant,” said Jensen, vice president of EW. “It doesn’t require special certifications. As long as a supplier (accepts) insurance and is able to bill for these covered items, they can get in the business.” 

EW, a division of VGM & Associates, recently launched Lily, a new mother-baby program that offers products, services and solutions to help members grow their business in the market.  

While an increasing number of providers have offered breast pumps since the Affordable Care Act began requiring insurers to cover them, there’s a “healthy mix” of retail and insurance billable products in the mother-baby market, like pregnancy and postpartum support garments, seating and positioning cushions, infant nutrition and pregnancy compression garments, says Jensen. 

“Look around the showroom,” she said. “If they are just offering pumps, they are missing a lot of opportunities. With Lily, we can help identify a whole array of items.” 

Providers are well positioned to offer their expertise and make sure customers get the right products, such as with compression stockings, says Jensen. 

“They can literally wake up with swollen ankles,” she said. “The provider can make sure they are properly fit. They don’t have to just buy it online knowing what’s important or why.” 

Building referral relationships with OB/GYN offices and lactation consultants is a good place to start marketing mother-baby items, says Jensen. 

“Those offices are getting calls all day long from pregnant moms, so rather than sending them online to do research, they can get that education from a local supplier that’s partnered with (their physician’s office),” she said. 


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